On Saturday 20.05, I had the opportunity to screen Holy Shit: Can Poop Save The World? for the participants of Viva con Agua’s Networking Meeting 2023. It took place in the former grounds of the botanic gardens in Nieklitz, Gallin, located 64 kilometers east of Hamburg. It was an ecologically low impact activity where people had to bring their own tents, sleeping bags, towels, the vegetarian food was locally made, no alcohol was served, and compost toilets were used. The vibe was friendly and positive.

The power of networking attracted me to the four-day event that focused on making waves and building connections for individuals to become a collective and generate change. Replacing our destructive flush-and-forget sanitary system with a sustainable circular one that brings our excrement back to the soils to grow food requires a coordinated front of representatives from diverse global and local organizations. It was a good opportunity to spread the fecal word and multiply the effect of the film in preparation to the German cinema premier in October.