Introducing “An Elephant Soils the City – A Children’s Book by Dominik Blöchl,” a witty and charming trilingual (German/Spanish/English) picture book with delightful illustrations by Horacio Pelayo.

The book covers many of the topics presented in the movie “Holy Shit” by Rubén Abruña, but don’t worry, it’s suitable for even our youngest readers!

We’re diving into the fascinating world of the circular economy, where we rediscover our connection to nature and the importance of being part of the big picture. It’s time to embrace the cycle of life and get back to basics! Let’s face it, sometimes shit happens – but hey, it’s all part of the humus(t)! This book is a fantastic tool for families to explore the journey from our plates to the soil together. We’ll learn about the amazing fertility of our soils, their legacy for future generations, and their vital role in sustaining life. Dominik Blöchl, the author, emphasizes that only by working together can we achieve a successful and sustainable transformation.

If you’re ready to dive deeper into putting the poop back into the loop head to the website to purchase the book. It comes with an awesome A3 poster featuring hidden objects and microorganisms, a catchy children’s song, and a handy “Glossary” with around 50 important terms related to toilets, humus, and the circular economy.

But wait, there’s more! If you prefer a more interactive experience, you can book the author for a reading. Picture this: cozying up in your living room, enjoying some music, and listening to Dominik Blöchl bring the story to life. It’s an experience the whole family will love. Don’t miss out – book your reading now, here!