During the years of production we met many people who are working toward making the most out of the product of our digestion. It was challenging to determine what stayed in the film and what was left on the cutting room floor. We are happy to share testimonies that were part of the film at one point or another but did not make it to the final version.

Rubén Abruña discovers the Caganers
Setting up the Emoji for the first time
Mwende Lefler: MWRD Chicago makes struvite
Mwende Lefler: Digesters in MWRD Chicago generate electricity
Fred Stone: There’s no safe level
Patrick MacRoy: PFAS is a recipe for disaster
Fred Stone: To clean up this farm
Skip Backus: We’re in a very difficult time
Skip Backus: People are separate from process
Moses Henry: When GiveLove comes things started changing
Maanzoni School_Kenya Connect_Compost toilets
Hamish Skermer: We have to stop
Hamish Skermer: Applicable technology for refugee camps
Hamish Skermer: I want them
Carl Lindstrom: I grew up with a composting toilet
Carl Lindstrom: Every city in the world
Carl Lindstrom: The damage we’re doing to the environment
Françoise Julier-Costes: Shit can catch up with you
Françoise Julier-Costes: It can be part of their world
Benoit Molineaux: It is possible
Philippe Morier-Genoud: We’ve never had to empty it
Philippe Morier-Genoud: About the word feces
Toilets: An argument toward the abolition of flush toilets.