The Holy Shit card game conveys the potential for collecting and recycling nutrients using dry toilets. The focus is on comparing different sanitation systems and their influence on the global phosphorus and nitrogen cycle. The game serves to educate, raise awareness and impart knowledge for sustainable sanitation. It is aimed at everyone who goes to the toilet, as well as planners and multipliers in the circular economy.

Anastasia Bondar, designer of the game, was awarded 1st prize in the Cologne Design Award. The jury justified their decisions as follows:  

<< One of the most difficult tasks of design is to break everyday habits and draw attention to new, sustainable solutions. Using various methods, Anastasia Bondar succeeds not only in sensitizing people to the topic of “dry toilets”, but also in winning over the various actors in research, administration and politics for a practical implementation [for sustainable sanitation in Cologne]. In the opinion of the jury, it is an outstanding project that also demonstrates the relevance and strength of service design. >>

Aim of the game
The players use the playing cards to build infrastructure for the disposal of faeces and the recovery of nutrients. The aim is to convert faeces into nutrients and bring them back to the field.

  • 64 playing cards
  • 1 game instructions
  • 100% fun
  • Age recommendation 9 – 99 years

To order a deck of cards visit our partner Goldeimer. Currently, the game is available only in German.