Latrinalia or toilet graffiti is almost as old as the act of defecation. Sometimes it is vulgar and puerile, other times it can be funny and philosophical.

Do you have one? Want to share it? Send it to us via the contact page and if you grant us permission we will publish it here.

Here is a brief compendium.

  • Stercus cuique suum bene olet.
    One’s own shit smells good.
    Ancient Roman proverb.
  • Si desit stramen, cum digito terge Feramen.
    If you cannot get some Grass, With your Finger wipe your Arse.
    Written in a Bog-House at Ipswich, circa 1730.
  • “I do not like this place at all. The seat’s too high and the hole’s too small”!
    Written below it:
    “You lay yourself open to the obvious retort, your bottom’s too big and your legs are too short”.
  • Not latrinalia, but it could be.
    Inter urinas et faeces nascimur.
    We are born between urine and feces.
    St. Augustine. 4th Century
  • A good shit is like half a fuck.
  • Am I a creature of Nature or a product of Civilization?
  • Here is the place where one shits what one has eaten the day before.
    Praise God that we do not have to eat what we shit the day before.
  • What is food for the mouth is shit for the ass.